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Névé Studios Ltd

September 19th 2018

How did you start your company?

Névé Studios started in much the same way as you’d expect – a great idea showed up, we mulled it over for all of about five minutes before getting up and simply running with it.

All of us founding directors (Stu, Will & Tom pictured left to right) have been professional photographers and videographers for years – predominantly working in the events field and branding ourselves as such. We still did plenty of commercial work for a bunch of awesome clients, but as marketers you’d understand the challenge we had in publicising this work under our existing personal brands.

Being good friends, we eventually started to develop a crossover of clients after referring work back and forth due to availability and geography. One of these mutual clients caught wind of the fact that we all knew each other and could together provide a much wider range of services – so they asked us to cover a huge conference together in London.

This is when the seed was planted. We put our big excitable heads together and developed a plan of action. The plan was to make the entire process as simple, transparent and as painless as possible for the client – after all, that’s the entire reason why they hired us in the first place.

The shoot went beautifully and we created some fantastic content for them to use both internally and externally. In terms of delivery, it was all a little bit clunky and plenty needed to be ironed out at our end – but we were confident we were on to something, and our clients shared our enthusiasm.

Countless late nights and a million coffees later, Névé Studios is now supporting a number of high-profile clients across the UK with their visual marketing content creation. Our team is growing, our service is improving and our clients still love us – so we must be doing something right.

What are you working on at the moment?

We’re currently working on developing and refining our latest service offering – Flow. This is our most complete content marketing solution which we’ve packaged up to work seamlessly alongside existing marketing teams to put them into overdrive. Flow is broken down into three core areas – Content Strategy, Content Production and Content Analysis.
Flow works using credits. These credits are allocated at the beginning of the relationship towards three key areas (based on your chosen solution): Content Strategy, Content Production and Content Consultancy.

The first month of credits is what we like to call the discovery phase. This is where we send our in-house marketing experts to dig a little deeper, analyse your marketing plans, identify KPI’s, research the market and develop your Content Strategy. It’s this document that guides everything going forward.

Off the back of this, we then begin producing monthly visual content in-line with the Content Strategy, Content Plan and Guidelines created during the discovery phase. To keep us on the straight-and-narrow, our marketing experts use the latest tools to understand what is and isn’t working with our approach, how your audience is engaging, look for new opportunities and keep their finger on the pulse of your business environment.

Flow…flows. It’s cyclical. We don’t just make beautiful content, we make beautiful content that works.

What do you like about BASE Bordon IC?

BASE Bordon Innovation Centre is one of the best decisions we made when setting up the business. When we first moved in, it felt a little premature. All three of us founding directors live in completely different parts of the South, so it was a bold move to actually settle on a new home for the company instead of working out of our bedrooms – but once we looked around the place, we knew it was a good move. Being around other innovative businesses and inspiring business owners is really quite refreshing. Every day is an opportunity to meet new people, collaborate and network. We’ve made so many new personal and business connections since being here. The building is really quite impressive and our clients are certainly wowed by all of the free apples in the reception!

What projects / ambitions do you have for the future of your company?

The future of Névé Studios is very exciting as we look to further build Flow to become the core service offering of our business. It’s still in its early stages, but early adopters have certainly been impressed with what we can produce and the effectiveness of our approach. It’s also given us a huge opportunity to scale and improve every aspect of the business to create the most painless solution for our clients.

We are looking to build this out further to create exponentially more value for our clients and scale to be able to explore new technologies and opportunities.

Find out more about Névé Studios by visiting their website here: www.neve.studio

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