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Meet the team at BASE – Michael Gordeev

May 28th 2024

We think it’s important for customers to get to know our team here at BASE, as this is what helps to form a community within our centre. For this reason we have created a series called ‘Meet the team at BASE Bordon’. Today we got to find out more about Michael Gordeev, Business Growth Manager at BASE Bordon.

What is your work history prior to being at BASE?

I bring to the table 15 years’ experience and the best practice from Fortune 100 brands combined with 7 years expertise in digital marketing, resulted in measurable ROI for the clients in my consulting practice and ability to outperform competition with deep pockets.

What is your role at BASE and what sort of tasks do you carry out?

The role is officially called Business Growth Manager. And its purpose is to provide a complementary business support to our resident businesses.  That’s what separates us from other office space providers.  When you join any level of membership with us, think of having your own fractional CMO and a business coach without having to pay for it at a market rate. Pretty good deal, isn’t it?

What do you love about working at BASE?

I love the team, the culture, the community and really enjoy making a difference for businesses here at BASE.

What’s your biggest achievement at BASE to date?

The success of my role is measured by our customers wins.

And the size of those wins is relative to their starting point and their own ruler.

For some its finally getting a consistent flow of inquiries through investing into paid ads profitably, for others – getting clarity on the actual bottlenecks in their business and having a custom roadmap to achieve their goals, so they can stop wasting time and money on the things that don’t move the needle.

At its core, small business owners have a risk of running out of energy, money or time on their journey from point A to point B. I help utilize those limited resources with better precision and efficiency.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I recently became a parent, so spending quality time with my family is a big priority for me.

Interesting fact about you that most people won’t know about?

How about 2 for 1? I’ve done 14 long-distance races and the London Marathon twice. Oh, and I was an extra in a 1997 Hollywood movie with Val Kilmer. Not “Top Gun” kinda movie, but it was still fun.

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