Dynamic technology solutions

Businesses at BASE Bordon can thrive with access to our secure 5G network, which delivers high-speed connectivity and resilience for flexible, easy and efficient working.

Always connected

Whether you're networking in our business lounge or working in your own office, all of BASE Bordon’s workspaces enjoy quicker response times, fast data transfers and low latency across multiple devices and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

350MB – 1GB

Estimated download speed for efficiency

Dual band wi-fi

For a reliable connection



Hisilicon Balong 5000 Chipset

A greener power choice

We’re proud that our 5G network is powered by leading LFP battery technology, developed by our tenant, powerQuad. Each power unit has built-in software to instruct charging at times when carbon impact and energy prices are low, making it a green and low-cost power source.

New possibilities

To demonstrate the incredible capabilities of the network, we welcome organisations and researchers to use the 5G system at BASE Bordon to test and showcase new technologies, including end-to-end capability and satellite connectivity.

Part-funded by the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (EM3 LEP) and supported by the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) Testbed and Trials programme, the new 5G network brings together industry leading academic expertise and key industry partners.


Installed as part of a project to explore how satellites can be used to complement 5G coverage, the network has been set up to drive the delivery of mobile communications and wireless connectivity that are capable of meeting the needs of tomorrow’s connected society and digital economy.

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