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3Q Financial’s Tale of Growth at BASE

April 10th 2024

Andrew Myall shares the impact BASE Bordon Innovation Centre has had on his business


Fostering Business Expansion at Base Bordon Innovation Centre

We had the opportunity to chat with Andrew Myall, the founder of 3Q Financial, and delve into his entrepreneurial journey and the role that Base Bordon Innovation Centre has played in his business’s growth.

About 3Q Financial

Drawing on 15 years’ of experience in the financial industry, including stints with mortgage companies, wealth management firms, and pension businesses, Andrew Myall established 3Q Financial approximately three years ago. His vision was to create a financial advisory firm that blended expertise, personalised service, and the flexibility to provide tailored mortgage solutions and comprehensive financial advice to clients.

Overcoming Business Challenges

Andrew’s journey as an entrepreneur was not without its hurdles. As a directly authorised firm with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), navigating the regulatory landscape posed a significant challenge. Additionally, as a newcomer in this competitive market, building a loyal client base and earning their trust were critical obstacles that Andrew had to overcome.

Despite these challenges, Andrew has achieved notable successes, particularly in forming partnerships with large portfolio landlords. These strategic alliances have laid a robust foundation for the business’s growth and credibility within the industry.

Experience at Base Bordon Innovation Centre

Andrew underscored the positive influence that Base Bordon Innovation Centre has had on his business. He particularly valued the vibrant ecosystem at the centre, which fosters connections among entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals. This environment has facilitated networking opportunities, enabling him to expand his client base.

Andrew remarked, “The collaborative environment at Base Bordon Innovation Centre encourages creativity and knowledge sharing, and I have been able to engage in joint ventures and partnerships with other businesses here.”

Utilising Business Support Services

Andrew actively collaborated with Base Bordon’s business support services, especially with Michael Gordeev, the Business Growth Manager. Through strategic meetings and collaboration, Andrew explored opportunities for digital marketing expansion beyond traditional word-of-mouth referrals.

Andrew noted, “3Q Financial has historically grown through word of mouth and we’ve inherently been a referral business. Michael’s expertise and support have been instrumental in devising and implementing a comprehensive plan to help us broaden our reach and get enquiries predictab”

Future Prospects

Looking forward, 3Q Financial is set for further growth. With a robust plan in place and the support from Base Bordon Innovation Centre, Andrew is confident about the business’s potential to scale and prosper in a competitive environment.

Andrew’s journey embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and resilience required for business success. Through strategic partnerships, commitment to client satisfaction, and the support provided at Base Bordon Innovation Centre, Andrew and 3Q Financial serve as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in propelling business growth.

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