BASE Innovation Centre businesses heading for space

February 5th 2020

BASE Innovation Centre businesses heading for space.

Businesses at the BASE Bordon Innovation Centre have joined forces to put a local schoolboy’s design into space.

In Space Missions built a spacecraft the size of a cereal box and it will blast off into space on an Electron rocket from New Zealand in April. 11 year old Sam Jackson won a competition to design a mission patch, which will be etched onto the craft and sent up into an orbit 500km above the Earth, higher than the International Space Station.

Creative agency Crux Design worked with Sam to create a digitised version of his patch. Another BASE Bordon company, Pivale, has created the software platform to retrieve data from the spacecraft once in orbit.  And energy storage experts powerQuad are working with In-Space Missions on technology that in the future will power spacecraft during periods of orbit when they are shielded from the Sun’s solar energy.

Duncan Gill, Manager of the BASE Bordon Innovation Centre, said: “It’s been great to see businesses in the Centre working together on such an exciting project. Since opening in November 2017, BASE Bordon now has a thriving community of 30 businesses and over 60 per cent of them are collaborating on customer projects. Our Centre Team, provided by Oxford Innovation, take great pleasure in helping firms to grow and flourish. “

BASE Bordon welcomes visitors interested in using the Centre’s offices or co-working spaces. Places are very limited so drop in to meet Duncan and talk about your needs. BASE is located on Barbados Road at the former Louisburg Barracks.

January 25th 2021


BASE Bordon Innovation Centre is celebrating its biggest member success, as In-Space Missions moves out of its office facility. In-Space Missions was the first company to move into the building in Bordon in 2017 with just a team of two. It is now set to move to new premises with a team of 25 full-time scientists, engineers and support staff.

December 17th 2020

powerQuad – Helping Companies To Emerge From The Pandemic By Reducing Their Costs (and their carbon footprint!)

powerQuad and Oxford Innovation are partnering on a leading-edge project that will demonstrate how energy costs can be reduced, while having a positive impact on the environment. powerQuad’s innovative storage solution aims to save tonnes of CO2 and at the same time cut costs by up to 60%.  

December 10th 2020

Sutton Winson Business Insurance Webinar

Since Covid struck, businesses have had to look carefully at their costs and work out what matters. At the same time, there has been an increase in working away from the office, using home networks and perhaps even personal laptops. Then when you add in the sad increase in cyber […]