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Moving into BASE Bordon is a BREEZE!

March 22nd 2022

We’re delighted to welcome Breeze Logic to BASE Bordon Innovation Centre. Breeze’s team of IT & Telco specialists have many years of experience gained in the corporate world and have brought their skills in Connectivity, Telephony, Mobile, IT, Cloud and Cyber security needs to the SME marketplace.

Managing Director, Clinton Casteller, explains “The initial idea to branch out on our own came to fruition during the pandemic and grew from there. After years of frustration in the corporate world, we decided to take things back to basics and focus on our passions, namely solving technical problems and supporting businesses with their growth plans through technology enablement”.

Breeze is currently engaged with several exciting onboarding projects – one for a leading Marketing Agency, and the other an aviation-focused company specialising in aerospace technology. They were also recently called out at the last minute to Mallorca to supply, configure and maintain a ‘connectivity & wi-fi solution’ on a customer’s super yacht!

In choosing BASE, Clinton mentioned the attraction of the great facilities and heritage of the offices, as well as the mix of innovative business types and business support that’s focussed on start-ups. “The mix of friendly people, location, convenience, and high standards of services were important to us, along with the building access hours and opportunity to play a part in the local re-generation program. It’s an area that’s growing fast with a great feeling of optimism about. A very exciting time to be here!”

Clinton, Matt and the team aim to become the South Coast’s leading business partner and technology advisor of choice, led by their ‘Digital Transformation consultancy’ proposition.

If you are looking for help with your Connectivity, Telephony, Mobile, IT, Cloud or Cyber security needs, why not contact them on 0330 320 2223 or info@breezelogic.co.uk

June 16th 2022

BASE shine a light on Mental Health Awareness Week

In May BASE Bordon introduced new Centre Manager, Aaron Bunney and put on several social events to mark Mental Health Awareness Week including a walk and talk, a virtual stretch mobility class and learn & lunch networking event. Mental Health and entrepreneurship is a really big issue. The stats speak […]

November 9th 2021

Business Showcase at BASE

We are excited to invite you to participate in our new series of customer showcases. The first session takes place on Thursday 18th November in the Business Lounge from 12:00. Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided. This will be a fantastic opportunity to hear from BASE businesses powerQuad, Marlay and […]

September 7th 2021

Royal Marines Return to BASE

When the Royal Marines were last in Bordon 10 years ago, they were on training courses for technical qualifications. Their Vehicle Mechanics and Armourers attended the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, in preparation for deployment to Commando Units serving all over the world. Today, they have a renewed presence […]