In-Space Missions; pushing the boundaries of space

February 19th 2020

Doug Liddle, CEO of In-Space Missions is a man with a mission; to offer a low-cost service that provides access to space for businesses and to develop real time immersive space experiences to open up the wonder of space to all.

In-Space Missions

The In-Space team are veterans of over 30 space missions and have over 130 years of relevant experience between them.  Together they developed an impressive number of strategic partnerships and collaborations to explore new space opportunities.

Their collaboration with leading creative agency REWIND was a prize winner in the King’s College, Cambridge University entrepreneurship competition in 2019, and this year (2020) sees the launch of their Faraday-1 spacecraft.  The spacecraft carries commercial payloads for domestic and international customers seeking to deliver communication services, prove technical concepts and run experiments in orbit and offers up to five years reliable service.

The success of the Faraday spacecraft has accelerated the growth of the business and has helped secure €10M to develop the Faraday 2nd generation.  Six more Faraday spacecraft are already planned for 2020.

Located at BASE Bordon Innovation Centre, In-Space, also provide consultancy and procurement support to the space sector.

A developing space cluster

BASE Bordon in Hampshire, is home to the OI Space Incubator programme and a growing community of over 100 entrepreneurs and technical experts interested in space technology and downstream space applications.

Doug Liddle, CEO, said: “Oxford Innovation is working with the UK Space Agency to grow the space cluster; the cluster is growing and so is our order book.  The diversity and the innovative nature of our business means we will be taking on new people with a range of skills, not just people in the space sector, but from a range of other sectors too.  We have received fantastic support since relocating here in 2017, and our revenues have increased by a factor of ten.”

“Hampshire is an ideal location for In-Space Missions; we have world-class universities and high-tech centres of excellence on our doorstep. We have good connections with local universities including the University of Surrey, Kingston University, Southampton University, Imperial College London and University College London in addition to other specialist departments around the country.”

“The mixture of industry and academic expertise is particularly strong in space, aerospace, 5G, gaming, defence and maritime to name a few and lends itself to cross sector pollination and the numerous benefits that that brings.”

The company also has an active community engagement programme and is starting to develop links with Local  Colleges of Technology.

Doug Liddle, continues: “We want to make best use of space as a tool to improve life on our home planet and inspire others to be part of this dynamic and economically important sector.”

For more information about the OI Space Incubator programme please go to or Oxford Innovation please visit 

January 25th 2021


BASE Bordon Innovation Centre is celebrating its biggest member success, as In-Space Missions moves out of its office facility. In-Space Missions was the first company to move into the building in Bordon in 2017 with just a team of two. It is now set to move to new premises with a team of 25 full-time scientists, engineers and support staff.

December 17th 2020

powerQuad – Helping Companies To Emerge From The Pandemic By Reducing Their Costs (and their carbon footprint!)

powerQuad and Oxford Innovation are partnering on a leading-edge project that will demonstrate how energy costs can be reduced, while having a positive impact on the environment. powerQuad’s innovative storage solution aims to save tonnes of CO2 and at the same time cut costs by up to 60%.  

December 10th 2020

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