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powerQuad – Helping Companies To Emerge From The Pandemic By Reducing Their Costs (and their carbon footprint!)

December 17th 2020

powerQuad and Oxford Innovation are partnering on a leading-edge project that will demonstrate how energy costs can be reduced, while having a positive impact on the environment. powerQuad’s innovative storage solution aims to save tonnes of CO2 and at the same time cut costs by up to 60%.



The project will enable small businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, even when access to renewable energy generation technologies, such as solar, is difficult.

powerQuad, a business within the BASE Bordon Innovation Centre, has designed and developed a unique innovative energy storage technology that uses grid carbon forecasts and specialised software to match demand to stored low intensity grid carbon electricity.

powerQuad’s battery storage products are able to respond to price signals, from variable and agile tariffs to reduce electricity cost, and avoid peak penalties. This project will focus on multi occupancy business workspaces, a sector which is expected to grow even faster than it was before the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Reducing the carbon impact of these workspaces is more pressing than ever to avoid atmospheric carbon returning to pre-pandemic levels. The powerQuad self-contained modular energy storage products can be distributed in offices and shared spaces throughout a building, connecting via the cloud to optimise savings.

A key objective of the project is to create the first energy storage product and service which enables SME businesses to reduce their carbon footprint from electricity usage, even without solar panels installed. In addition, the powerQuad solution will also provide uninterruptable power supplies to its adopters, as well as resiliency for the 5G network being installed at BASE early next year.

powerQuad will be further developing the system to interact with the workspace in a unique way which will allow a more cost effective and commercially viable solution for all workspace providers.

September 7th 2021

Royal Marines Return to BASE

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June 23rd 2021

Mzuri move to Bordon!

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May 21st 2021

5G Comes to BASE!

BASE Bordon Innovation Centre, is to become one of the few shared office spaces in the UK with 5G capabilities, powered by carbon friendly energy storage technology. The new 5G network, part funded by Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership and the University of Surrey, will be powered by technology invented […]